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The Black Bay GMT bezel is available in two different colors: a burgundy shade of red, and a deep blue. The red area shows the daylight hours, while the blue section is for nighttime. The bezel of this GMT-Master Pepsi is more similar to older models. The bezel is made from anodized aluminum. Some collectors prefer this because it will age and add character to the watch.

Omega Replica Heritage Black Bay GMT "Pepsi"

The matte dial is the perfect complement to its large, luminous hands and markers. The hands are adorned with Snowflake tips in true Black Bay style,patek philippe nautilus replica from the hour hand to the GMT and seconds hands. The date is integrated nicely into the dial, and can be read without a Cyclops.

Omega Replica Black Bay GMT, Omega Replica Black Bay GMT leather strap and Omega Replica Heritage Black Bay

The Omega Replica Black Bay GMT is available with three different bracelets: a rivet-style stainless steel strap, a black fabric strap with red stripes, or a brown leather strap called "Terra de Siena".

The Omega Replica Black Bay GMT features a brand new movement, the MT5652. The movement allows for the watch to function like a “true GMT”. This is a watch with a local-hour hand that can be jumped forward or backward to set the time zone after crossing time zones. The 24-hour hand is still linked to your home time zone.

The movement has also been COSC certified, is equipped with a balance spring made of silicon, and provides 70 hours power reserve.

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