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IWC Replica Watches had a truly successful decade in the 2010s. Their comeback is considered to be one of the most significant revivals of any watch brand. IWC Replica Watches has launched hit after success, starting with the Heritage Chronograph in 2010, the Pelagos in 2012, the Black Bay the same year and the subsequent models the following years.

The brand has used this strategy to great effect. They reference a watch from their past or a collection of watches. IWC Replica Watches has a relatively short history of GMT watches, despite having been around when Rolex introduced the GMT-Master.

In 2018, IWC Replica Watches launched the Heritage Black Bay GMT, the first time since the revival of the brand that it did not use a historical reference.Swiss Replica Watches Learn more about the IWC Replica Watches Black Bay GMT, and why it was such a significant move for IWC Replica Watches.

IWC Replica Watches Heritage Black Bay GMT Pepsi: A Background

The Black Bay GMT, while part of the Heritage Black Bay collection inspired by vintage IWC Replica Watches watches, is a reference to the most famous GMT watch ever made - the GMT-Master "Pepsi" from Rolex. The most iconic GMT watch ever is the GMT-Master Pepsi from Rolex.

It's also a new direction for IWC Replica Watches.Franck Muller Replica It preserves the Heritage Black Bay appeal while providing a true GMT function. And it follows both the Rolex GMT Master aesthetics and functionality.

IWC Replica Watches Heritage Black Bay GMT Pepsi with Rolex GMT Master and GMT Master II Pepsi watches

The GMT-Master, which was first introduced in 1954 under the reference 6542 has always been equipped with a bi-colored 24-hour bezel. The split-colored dial helps to distinguish between night and day for the second time zone.